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Defenders of The Empire

For Symphonic Orchestra

Exclusive Footage of Scoring Sessions of our music for the Film, Television, Videogame, and Motion Picture Advertising industries
  ''Defenders of the Empire'' is a dark, powerful work, with influences that include Danny Elfman, John Williams, and Gustav Mahler. This cinematic cue bears a striking melody in low marcato brass and strings, with tremolandi doubled in woodwinds for enigmatic effect, and a mysterious finish.
''Defenders of the Empire'' is the type of cue perfect for licensing not only as a title theme, but also as
incidental music in any motion picture, video game, or television advertising campaign.
A full symphonic orchestral score of this cue is available for licensing.

Copyright and Protection Notice
Recorded by Georgia Symphony Orchestra. Published by Stormcues Ltd. © Stormcues Ltd. Ⓟ Stormcues Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
The music and recordings on this website may not be used without acquiring the appropriate license from PRS-MCPS.  

''Defenders of The Empire'' and other select works are commercially available for non-exclusive licensing to broadcasters from the Stormcues library now.

To find out how to obtain a license, for exclusive licensing, and bespoke original scoring commissions, please send a request via the contact page.


More Recording Sessions

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