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License Music For Broadcast

Here are examples of some of the kind of music avaliable for non-exclusive licensing through the Stormcues library. Our clients include companies like
Warner Music Group, Microsoft, Sega, Nintendo, HBO, Xtreme Music, Universal Music Group, and Konami. High end pre-cleared music from our catalogue is available to clients for worldwide commercial licensing and synchronization in broadcast media. Stormcues are represented by BMI, (US) and PRS-MCPS. (ROW)

Music composed, recorded and published by Stormcues Ltd. © Stormcues Ltd.  Stormcues Ltd. All rights of the owners of the sound recordings, musical works, and performances reserved. The music and recordings on this website may not be used without a license. Music on this page is for audition purposes only. To find out how to obtain a license, please see our licensing section or contact us. After the appropriate licenses for our music have been issued, you will be able to download music for commercial use in broadcast media from the client section of our website.

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