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Stormcues is an innovative, fully integrated multimedia and music publishing company dedicated to providing music production and post-production services for the film, television, videogame, multimedia and motion picture advertising industries. Headquartered in London, the company specializes in supplying high-end music to the broadcasting and multimedia industries, servicing international clients across a multitude of platforms, and is dedicated to providing excellence within the world of music and multimedia publishing.


Using world class musicians to provide a breathtaking musical experience, we partner with international composers who have been instrumental in revolutionizing music within the multibillion pound videogaming industry, enabling us to work with clients around the globe remotely, and we utilize state of the art music production facilities alongside traditional Hollywood and contemporary scoring techniques, to provide a patented brand of powerful and evocative music that elevates the experience, and increases the marketing value of the film, television, videogame, multimedia, or motion picture advertising campaign within which it is used.

Our music publishing activities and mission, strictly adhere to our goal of providing clients
with a service underpinned by three core elements:

High-End Quality Music for Broadcast | Music Provided Within Allocated Budget | Music Delivered On Schedule For Production

Stormcues are able to provide exceptional quality pre-cleared music cues for licensing to clients within the broadcast, gaming, multimedia and entertainment industries from our own bespoke library, and our innovative team are also capable of providing original scoring for clients on any project, producing music to a highly accomplished standard. For further bookings and licensing enquiries,
please get in touch via the contact page.

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