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PRS Production Music Licensing Rate Card

Using our production music in film, tv, radio or non broadcast requires an MCPS license. Applying for a license is quick and easy online at MCPS. Music in the Stormcues production library is available for non-exclusive licensing in motion pictues, television, videogames, trailers, and other forms of media. Stormcues are members of PRS-MCPS, BMI, and MCPS Production Music. For bespoke original scoring services, please send a request via our contact page.


Stormcues provide a one-stop music licensing service for films, television, video games, and advertising to clients. In addition to our licensing portfolio, bespoke music scoring, music clearance, and sonic branding can be provided for any project. Appropriate licenses must be obtained for any commercial use or broadcast of all music, manuscripts and sound recordings on this website. To license original music for use in film, television, videogames, motion picture advertising,
and other commercial or corporate usage, please get in touch via the contact page of this website.

A valid licence must be acquired before the production is broadcast, distributed or exploited in any way. This can be obtained through PRS for Music Production Music (formerly MCPS) who issue licences and invoices on our behalf. For exclusive licenses of our sound recordings and manuscripts,
please view our licensing rate card and media pack.

STEP 1 To apply for a license, see the latest rate card

STEP 2 When applying for a licence you complete one application per production irrespective of how many tracks you use or from what PRS for Music production music source you obtain them.

STEP 3 To do this you will need the following information: track name, CD code, track number, composer name, library name and duration for each individual music cue.

STEP 4 Once you have made your application you will receive a licence and subsequently an invoice from PRS for Music.

For further information please email

All UK licensing of the Stormcues library is administered by PRS for Music Production Music (Formerly MCPS.)

Commissioning Whatever your production music requirements, commission our talented team to compose original music
and we will look forward to doing a fantastic job for you.

To download music from our library, please login to the client section of our website.


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